Get To Know the Man Behind American Lead Fabricators

American Lead Fabricators was founded by Bill Reimbold in 1990—going on 32 years. I still work every day in the shop and the front office. I was blessed with two great men in my life, my father and father-in-law.

My father-in-law was a hard-core bust-it-out type of worker who taught me the trade of lead burning and sheet metal. My father-in-law was a WW2 hero and is greatly respected and loved by me.

My father is an electrical engineer and a mechanical engineer. My father worked on the Apollo missions to put a man on the moon. My father was a businessman and taught me the business side of things and gave me encouragement and a small space in his building to start American Lead Fabricators.

These two men gave me an unmatched work ethic, knowledge, and the opportunity to succeed. How could I miss it?

We at American Lead Fabricators carry on these traditional values and work ethics every day.